Print On Demand - Getting Started

Getting Started - Print On Demand App
This guide is to help you getting started using the Imprint Merch – Print On Demand App.

You can install the app at:

Once installed, on your Shopify HOMEPAGE head to the APPS menu. Here you will see all the apps you have installed, including the Imprint Merch app.

Click on the app to start setting it up.
Once inside the app you will need to set up your account, first add all your company/brands details.
Then click on REGISTER A PAYMENT METHOD. Here you can add more details including your card details which are stored securely.
**Note: We will never charge your card unless you have a sale. You don’t need to add a payment method to try out the app.**
After you have saved your payment method, the message to register disappears.
On the HOME page, you will see all the products you have created.

Click on CREATE A NEW PRODUCT to start adding to your store.
You can see all the templates available to use. Select the template that best suits what you are after.

With the example below, we would select:
• As Colour – The t-shirt brand.
• Block – The style/cut of the t-shirt.

**Note: There is a wide selection of garments, styles and sizes available.**
Once you have clicked on the desired product, you can now add the details.

From here you can add the title, product description, price, taxes (this will add whatever tax your store has enabled on top of your set price), available sizes and desired garment colour/s.

**Note: Each garment will have its own selection of sizing, colours based on what is available.**

Title = The title that will appear on your store.

Description = The description that will appear on your store.

Selling Price = The price the item will appear.

Charge Tax When Selling This Product = In the settings, you can add a tax rate. If your tax rate for example is 10% and you have this option ticked, it will add 10% on top of the selling price set here.

Garment Sizes = The sizes you want available on your store.

SEO Title = The URL title set for your product, this helps with Search Engines finding your product.

SEO Description = This shows the description that will come up in Search Engine searches.

Tags = The tags that are searchable for your product via the Shopify search engine.

Extra Notes = Any notes you want Imprint Merch to see.

Position = Do you want this to be a front & back, front only or back only shirt.

Select Garment Colour = Pick from a range of colours available to sell your designs on.
Upload Artwork =Select your high resolution artwork you wish to upload.

Print Size Select = You can select either between A3 & A4 sizes, prices are different for A3 & A4 sizes. You can also rotate the print area to fit.

Print Area Placement = Use this to move the blue box around the shirt (printable area is within the blue box – the dark black box is the area the blue box can move around.)

Print Size = To increase/decrease the image art size

Artwork Dimensions = This shows the size your artwork will be approx, this includes any backgrounds/transparencies.

Once you are happy with your design, make sure to FINALISE DESIGN for both the front "Save Front Design" or the back "Save Back Design" design.

**Note: If part of your image is outside of the blue box, that part of the image will automatically be cropped out.**

For more information regarding artwork specifications, please refer our ARTWORK GUIDELINES HERE.
Once you save each design, you will be able to see a mock-up of what the shirt will look like.

If you wish to change anything, simply click CHANGE FRONT/BACK DESIGN.
Once you are happy with the design, agree to the terms and click SAVE AND SUBMIT FOR APPROVAL.
Once the garment is SUBMITTED, the artwork and job details will be sent through to Imprint Merch Via the app for approval

If all ARTWORK GUIDELINES are met and job details are approved by Imprint Merch, you should receive an email letting you know that your product is ready. If any adjustments are needed or any issues with the artwork, Imprint Merch staff will be in touch.
Back on the HOME page, you can see your product now. Here you can view it or delete if you no longer require the design.
You can now see your product is uploaded and ready to be promoted.

**Note: The product display will match your stores theme/coding.**
To help make your product more visible you can add additional images, information and tags. To do this, head to your Shopify admin page and click on ALL PRODUCTS.

Here you will see all the products you have created and have published.

Click on the product you want to update and add the information.

**Note: If the design/sizing for your product change, please update via the Imprint Merch app and not the Shopify products page.**
Back to the Imprint Merch app. On the ORDERS page, you can view all the orders for your products. Click on VIEW to see the order information.

Once your store receives an order, it will come through the App to Imprint Merch – Imprint Merch will print, pack and ship the order out. The tracking details will then be added to the Shopify order for you to access if required.
On the ACCOUNTS page, you can update your information, change or remove your payment method.
On the SHIPPING page, the current shipping pricing we will charge your store is listed. Please make sure to update the shipping prices on your store based on this pricing, as you will be charged this on each item sold
If you are having any issues with the installation &/or setup of the app, please feel free to contact us on